5 Reasons You Need Velvet This Fall

5 Reasons You Need Velvet This Fall

1. It is one of the biggest trend come-backs we’ve had in years!

As you may have already noticed, FW16 runway shows are flooded with beautiful, luxurious velvet. I feel that a lot of trends now-a-days are all so repetitive and monotonous so it’s refreshing to see an original make such a strong come-back this fall.

2. It has become a different level of luxury

This fall, really watch what fabric you go for. If you do decide to invest in something velvet, I’d spend more money on a high-end piece that will drape nicely, and make sure the colors are multi-dimensional for it to look as lux as it should be. Watch for a slinky material, as velvet is naturally a rich and luxurious fabric, and as all it tends to happen with a lot of trends, you will find a lot of cheap looking velvet. I recommend going for more simple items and watch out for embellishments and weird textures that can cheapen the look of the garment. Velvet was once worn mostly by royalty due to its soft warmth and luscious texture, and that’s what makes it so luxurious, and it should stay that way!

3. Designers are taking a different approach this year

In the past, whenever I thought of velvet, I visualized dark, ancient, vintage, deep colors like a dark blue, red or purple. What I love about the re-invented velvet pieces I see on the runway and in stores today is the different colors and unusual pieces that I haven’t seen in this fabric before. Now it’s all about elegance, sleekness and subtlety. Designers have taken the idea of velvet to another level with more innovative concepts on the textile by creating pieces you wouldn’t expect to be in this fabric transforming classic and traditional items.

4. Make a statement!

Let the beautiful fabric speak for itself. No matter what color or style you choose, you will stand out and catch people by surprise. 

5. It is here to stay!

We’ve witnessed this trend popup here and there every fall and winter season, especially in the 90s. Even when velvet was almost forgotten about and it wasn’t just a holiday favorite on the red carpet, it has always stayed a true classic and is a popular vintage. This fabric hasn’t been explored as much as others and I think it holds a lot of potential. 


Velvet Jumpsuit: Zara - http://www.zara.com/us/en/woman/jumpsuits/velvet-jumpsuit-c663016p3723036.html

Heels: Forever21

Belt: Zara




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