7 Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Track Pants with Heels

7 Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Track Pants with Heels

When wearing track pants like these with high heels, look for heels that are sporty but also stylish. Here are some Dos and Don’ts of choosing the perfect heels to go with your favorite track pants:

DO go with the skinny-strap heels as they are very minimalistic so they’ll make your outfit look more sophisticated.

DO try them with clear perplex heels because the transparency is very delicate and will add a little edge to your look.

DON’T wear them with thigh-high boots because it’ll look awkward and uncomfortable. Track pants are made out of athletic material and wearing long boots over them will make your outfit look stuffy and messy.

DO choose pointed-toe, neutral-colored pumps because they’re slick and will add a contrast in shape and colors.

DO go for the sock heels because if anything says ‘sports’ it’s socks, but these have heels. :)

DON’T wear them with sling-back heels because they are too elegant and might clash with the sporty look.

DON’T wear them with peep-toe or kitty-heel pumps as they both tend to look too corporate.



Crop Top - H&M

Frock Coat - ZARA

Pants - Adidas - adidas Firebird Track Pants

Booties - CAPE ROBBIN - Black Women's Paw-1 High Heel Ankle Boot

Cap - Pacsun - Young & Reckless Classic Reckless Strapback Dad Hat

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